Your questions are stupid

But since you axe them, Tuhd will answer some of dem.  Now shut up and Tuhd talk at you.

Who are you?

Duh, Tuhd is Tuhd.

No, I mean what makes you who you are?
Oh, being awesome is what make Tuhd what he are.

/facepalm.  Then... Why are you so awesome?
Is part of being troll.

Could you be more awesome?
Yes, when Tuhd learn to type with boxing gloves on.

Are you really a troll?

Aren't you really some middle aged loser living in his mother's basement?
Nope, still digging basement. Tuhd found old used cat down here.

Hey, what about..
Stop askings questions.

No, but I really want to know about...
Seriouslies, stop asking.


Can I have a free tshirt?
...sure, pay $20 shipping and handling and shirt is free.