Trolls are all around us


Hello peoples, Tuhd here

Decided to put thoughts all in one place instead of all over internets.  People seem to like this idea.  So Tuhd do it.

For years now Tuhd been prolific troll on internet under many assumed nameds.  And Tuhd pick up many tricks and stuff over years to being not only great troll on internet, but avoiding consequence for such action. Tuhd also learn you are all retarded.


There is hopes.  Tuhd will teach you to be retarded less often.  And, Tuhd show you how to be awesome.  Awesome like bacon.  Mmm... Bacon.

With help of Tuhd's blog and eventual forthcoming videos, Tuhd going to outline all kinds of things you need to know.  Even if you don't know you need to know, you do.  Tuhd has watched you long time.  So many of you is anti-functionable on internet.  It time to make things easier.  Tuhd is here for dat.

-Tuhd, the Internet Troll

(excerpted and paraphrased from Tuhd's first blog post, because he is lazy and didnt feel like writing a new welcome page)